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Play now Sapphire Pyramid. It will engage you!

Have fun without limits while you train your mind each day

Fun & Entertainment

Have fun playing Sapphire Pyramid in its different game modes, each one with 3 difficulty levels.

Train your mind

While your are playing, you will be training your mind and your ability to make calculations inadvertently. How much faster could you be?

Be with friends

With the leaderboard and the achievements you can compete with all players in the world. Which is your ranking position?

How to play

Help our fantastic pharaoh resolving the pyramids' puzzles by making the needed calculations as fast as you can

In this game you have to resolve the pyramid to obtain sapphires and use them in the game. For thar, you have to know the most hidden secret in Sapphire Pyramid:

"A cell's value is the adition of the values of the two cells under it"

For example, if the two lower cells have the values 5 and 7 the upper cell's value will be 12.


Game modes

With the different game modes and difficulties there isn't two equal games


Classic Mode

Complete the pyramid filling the empty cells. Select a cell and write the value you think is the correct one.


Disordered Mode

Sort the cells to win. Touch two cells to swap their values and make the calculations be correct.

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